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Applied Technology Optimization Management
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You can't steal home base with your foot on third
Our approach to IT gives our clients
the break they need to score
We provide fully compliant cloud-based solutions for all of your critical data.
Murphy was right...
“What can happen will happen, at the worst possible time”
Business continuity planning is your lifeboat

We are an Atlanta based
Business Technology, Consulting and Managed IT Services Firm

Applied Technology Optimization ManagementSM - A.T.O.M. is our model which is being adopted today by progressive forward thinking organizations that want more than what traditional Managed Service Providers can deliver. ATOM enables the highest level of alignment possible between those who manage organizations and set objectives with those who manage and deliver technology.

We develop stable, long term working relationships with our clients that systematically produce a predictable outcome for every client every time. We are intimately familiar with your short term needs and long term goals, thereby helping you achieve your objectives through transforming not only the way you think about IT, but how it is managed and applied throughout your organization. After-all, technology is most useful in the context of getting things done – and that’s what we do. At Insider Solutions we believe that technology is a tool that covers its own cost and provides a positive return on your investment. Let us introduce you today to what we do better than anyone else in the business.

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With A.T.O.M. you can optimize secure expand simplify the way you use technology.

Your IT  should be making you money